16 Things I Learned in 2016 (like, really)

Let’s get to it..

1) Set boundaries, you cant be everything for everyone.
2) Success is not limited.. i.e. I don’t need you to fail in order to succeed.
3) Do not be scared to ask for help.
4) Always trust your gut. (DISCERNMENT)
5) Do not procrastinate.. (C’mon, Ali, you know it stresses you out!!!)
6) That zit on your face literally does nothing to affect your character or anything else that actually matters about yourself!
7) Vulnerability is scary but needed for any “-ship” to grow.. (and to heal.)
8) My heart is a hysterically unreliable organ in which I still give the utmost respect and validity to. And I like that.
9) The FOMO might be real, but not going won’t ruin your life!
10) Some of the sweetest beginnings are birthed from heartbreaking endings.
11) You don’t need to be pretty like her, you can be pretty like you.
12) That extra slice of pizza won’t kill me.
13) Making great, creative work without people praising it is better than making average work and the whole world applauding.
14) Journal everyday. It’s one of the most therapeutic, amazing things ever.
15) Do not make time for people who do not make time for you.

Yes, some of these are super cliché but that doesn’t make them any less important!

This year, I recognized, more than I ever have before, how faithful and infinitely merciful the Lord is. His plans are always better than my dreams. Thank you Lord for an amazing year of ups and downs. Thank you for breaking me down and building me up. Thank You for Your comfort, thank You for Your joy!

Here’s to 2017, y’all!





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